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Caribbean Coast Caribbean Coast

Caribbean Coast.
Stretching from the Gulf of Urabá near Panamá to La Guajira near the Venezuelan b order there is an abundance of diversity and culture that makes up this long coastline.
Whether it is enjoying a leisurely stroll through romantic colonial city Cartagena at dusk, spotting monkeys while you hike towards Cabo San Juan in the Tayrona national park or a touch of Kitesurfing in La Guajira, there is something for everyone!If you need to escape the humid heat you can always head up to the mountain village of Minca.

It´s located only 30 minutes from Santa Marta in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

If indigenous culture is at the top of your list a visit to the Tungueka indigenous reserves is one of the options among many other Wayu tribes that occupy the region around Santa Marta´s Sierra Nevada .
CARTAGENA MINCA National Park s.


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