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3 weeks.
April and October.

Struggling to find the job of your dreams after graduating from University

Well, we may have the solution for you.
If you’re unwilling to settle for that monotonous office job, and instead want to immerse yourself in an exciting new work and travel experience, we need YOU to help us really make a difference within less-privileged communities overseas.
If you’ve graduated with a Bachelors degree and you’re interested in the field of education or travel, Thai Jobs may be able to GUARANTEE you a teaching placement on our new and exclusive internship programme!Want to head overseas on one of the most amazing travel experiences of your life whilst getting paid for it too.
Well, .

You’ve come to the right place… welcome to Thai Jobs

Live the dream by teaching English to Thai children and making a real difference in local schools, .

Language centres and orphanages in our various destinations across Thailand

Guaranteed Job for university graduates

Work and Travel.

Get Paid a minimum of 30,000 Thai Baht per month

Fully accredited training programme included.
Our training programme .
If you’re interested in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foregin Language) or TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) then our exclusive Thai Jobs Programme is perfect for you!Here at, we’re dedicated to providing recent graduates the opportunity to work overseas, broaden their horizons, experience a new culture and country, all the while – getting paid for it!Our Thai Internship programme includes an extensive 3-week training course, inclusive of all accommodation.
Training takes place in small groups of no more than 24 and are led by dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the field of teaching English.
Training includes detailed coverage of the following: Introduction .
Learners and Teacher s.
Classroom Management .

Classroom scenarios and Options

Presenting Vocabulary.
Lesson Planning.
Presenting Grammar.
Error Correction.
Receptive Skills.
Productive Skills.

Teaching Different Classes and Levels

Assessing students.
Materials & Resources.
Learning Styles.
Teaching Theories.
Teaching the First Class.
More information.
Location After the programme Pay and length What’s Included Location Location.

Training will commence on the beautiful island of Koh Chang

Classes will take place in the mornings and run into late afternoon, which means you’ll have the rest of your day and the weekends to explore the beauty of Thailand at your own pace!Upon completion of the training programme, you’ll be issued with a fully accredited 120 Hour TEFL Qualification!This qualification looks great on your CV for future employment and means that you can now secure work teaching abroad ANYWHERE in the world.
Where will it take you?For more details on this qualification, please click here.

After the programme After the programme

Following your successful completion of your teacher training, our dedicated team will begin looking for your perfect paid placement!We have placements available all over Thailand, we can put in a special request for you to be placed in a location of your choice, however this is not always possible.
It’s up to you if you’d like to go straight into work or would like to spend a few weeks travelling Thailand before your start date!)Teaching English in Thailand is an incredibly fun and rewarding experience.
Throughout your teaching placement, expect to be working with other TEFL teachers to create engaging lesson plans inclusive of worksheets, songs, interactive games and activities.
Classes are usually made up of around 25 students, ranging in age from 7 – 16 years old.
Your training will cover designing lesson plans suitable for different age ranges and levels of the English Language.
You will also be put in touch with a dedicated advisor so if you have any problems or need any advice at any point, we’re here to help.
Pay and length Pay.

All our placements pay a MINIMUM of 30,000 Thai Baht per month (that’s around £740/$960!)

The average living cost in Thailand is around 15,000 Thai Baht per month (£370/$480) dependent on your personal budgeting skills and how much you choose to eat out and go out partying etc!Please note, after your 3-week training period, you will be accountable for arranging and covering the cost of your personal expenses – accommodation, travel, food etc.
To take part in our Thai Jobs programme you must be able to commit to the 3-week training programme, and a minimum teaching term of 5 months afterward.
Any travel time outside of the teaching term and 3-week training course is not included within this term.

What’s Included So what’s Included

Full 3 week professional training programme.

120 Hour Teaching Qualification

Accommodation during training programme.
Internal Transfers between training centresWork VISA provided by employer after training (may be an additional cost).
GUARANTEED JOB (if you have a Bachelor’s degree & complete the training course!).
Free Thai Jobs T-Shirt and merchandise.
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