Getting to Topes de Collantes from Havana is rather simple

Most visitors to the area originate in and usually.
Getting to Topes de Collantes from Havana is rather simple.
First you take the main Cuban highway called the Carretera Nacional (A-1) eastbound until you reach Km 270, at which point you will see signs for Carretera a Manicaragua.
The park boundary starts approximately 50 Kms from the highway.
The total distance from to the and is 322KM (200 miles) and the journey will take around 4 hours.
If you are located in and wish to visit Topes de Collantes the distance is very short indeed, being just 18 km (11 miles).
From Trinidad center, look for the Topes de Collante turn off from the coastal road which is approximately 7 Kms to the West of town center and just after the “punto de control”.
Based upon the fact that you will starting at sea level and attaining +800 meters altitude in 18km, you will understand that these are steeply inclined mountain roads.
Nevertheless, the roads are perfect, well paved and signposted.
They are free of major traffic and a nice drive.
There are several vantage points along the way so keep your camera prepared and, be ready to stop along the way for some excellent shots of the valley and rolling hill s.
If you are located in it is just 68 km (42 miles) to Topes de Collantes and well worth a visit.
Take the coastal road east until you see the signs for Topes de Collantes and then head up th rough the final 11km of mountain roads.
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Hotel Villa Caburni is located right in the heart of the Topes de Collantes Touristic Complex, located in the Guamuhaya mountainous massif in , Cuba’s Central Province.
Just 20 km from and the popular , the Hotel Caburni makes an ideal accommodation for those preferring a cooler mountain setting but also wish to visit the major sights in the area.
Just 68 km (42 miles) from means that th is important southern city is well within the reach of those staying at Topes de Collantes.
Perched at 800 meters above sea level, the extraordina ry Topes de Collantes nature reserve is an beautiful rural setting for your eco type vacation.
As part of the mountain range in Sancti Spíritus province the Topes de Collantes is also home to numerous endemic flora and fauna species.
With an average temperature of 21˚C, an abundance of fresh mountain air, freshwater rivers and streams, waterfalls and terrific hiking opportunities this is a surreal paradise for nature lovers.

Topes de Collantes has various individual parks

of which these are divided into six parks: Guanayara, Codina, Altiplano Topes de Collantes, El Cubano, and in the Trinitarian Caribbean, Cayo Las Iguanas.
All these places guarantee spectacular beauty.
The Caburni falls, is a very popular hike because it ends in Caburni River with a gigantic waterfall cascading down from 62 meters into a series of natural pools.
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Hotel Los Helechos which also goes by the name Complejo Topes De Collantes is a hotel located 800m above sea level in the province of Sancti Spiritus close to.
The Hotel at Topes De Collantes is all about relaxation and offers saunas and large Olympic size indoor swimming pool allied to the outdoor pool next to the hotel.
Continuing the theme of relaxation, the Complejo Topes De Collantes Hotel Trinidad offers an amazing massage service and spa service for guests.
The hotel is a convenient base for visiting Topes de Collantes national park and the many wondrous ecotourism offers available.
Those with a car can visit Trinidad easily and the hotel is a perfect mountain retreat for those looking to relax after days of wandering around the eclectic sights in Trinidad’s city center.
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Parque Guanayara in Topes de Collantes is 15km (9.3 miles) north of the

From all walking routes available Parque Guanayara hosts probably the area’s most scenic ones.
An easy to intermediate hike follows the Guanayara River for a few kilometers up to the Salto El Rocío, a beautiful waterfall, which concludes with the Poza del Venado, featuring a natural pool in which visitors can and do cool off.
Along the trail you will be thrilled by the memorable views of Pico San Juan, .

One of Cuba’s highest mountains

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Even though you are in a national park, Cubas tourism ministry has placed some more interesting things to see like the Museo de Arte Cubano Contemparano (“ of Contemporary Cuban Art”).
You can also get a refreshing cup of coffee at the Casa de Café.
All coffees are made with locally grown organic coffee beans.
Finally, if all the walking has increased your appetite, the “Mi Retiro” restaurant offers some succulent meals along with simple snacks.
The 7-kilometer (roundtrip) hike to the 75-meter Salto de Caburní or in English “Caburní Falls” is well worth the effort and the 6.50 CUC gate fee is cheap considering the constant trail clearing and presence of park rangers along the way.
What better prize after covering the 2.5-km (1.5 miles) trail than a can swim in the large freshwater pool below the falls.
The trail starts east of the Kurhotel which is just 150 meters up the road from the.
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Parque Codina is close to the and features an excellent mountain restaurant serving both tour groups and individual visitors.
The hiking trails are moderate to easy and feature waterfalls, caves, and some spectacular panoramic viewpoints.
During your visit you will discover that the area is popular for both Bird watching and camping with numerous groups constantly staying in the area.
Hacienda Codina is also popular for its several other attractions such as; medicinal mud baths, medicinal and ornamental gardens, a collection of orchids with over 40 local species, a bamboo grove and the Island of Love found in the corner of the cave where yoga is practiced at an altar.
Continue through the forest and vines along the trail to a secret passage that ends at a viewpoint from which you can see the , and.
Several other trails lead to La Batata, a subterranean river at the foot of a lush green valley where you can bathe in the cool waters inside the cave.
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A Casa Particular or home stay in the tourism area of Topes de Collantes in Sancti Spiritus such as; , , , or.

Even just outside Topes de Collantes

will ensure you experience both the wonders of Sancti Spiritus’s amazing culture, immersed in one-on-one contact with your Cuban hosts in the UNESCO acclaimed province.
Learn about Sancti Spiritus’s rich history, .

Together with true Cuban hospitality

The owners of your casa particular in Sancti Spiritus speak fluent English and have a profound knowledge of the city and its many sights.
Any questions you wish to ask will be answered instantly by the Cuban family you are staying with.
Some of our casa particulares also offer meals and drinks, .

Meaning you’ll get to try some authentic Cuban food also

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Most visitors to Topes de Collantes in Cuba visit the area with their Cuban rent a car

There is no better way to see this region of with its winding mountain roads, impressive views and coastal cities of and.
To help you visit Topes de Collantes we have some incredible Car rental offers from economic cars to the latest sport convertible models.
We also offer 7 and 9 seat minivans for trips to Topes de Collantes Cuba, perfect for larger groups or families.

Booking your Cuba Car Hire in advance is crucial to your trip and

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Viazul Cuba Bus Service is the perfect option to visit Topes de Collantes in Sancti Spiritus.
For those of you who don’t wish to to visit Topes de Collantes the Viazul bus service will take you across Cuba and to Sancti Spiritus in comfort.
Then from Sancti Spiritus Bus Station the short 88 km (55 miles) trip to Topes de Collantes can be made in a local taxi for less than 60 CUC.
Buses are new air-conditioned models with onboard WC, central TV and lower suitcase compartment.
Unless you intend to take the bus the moment you arrive, in most cases there is no need to book in advance as extra buses are added to routes when a particular route becomes overbooked.
Simply visit the offices listed below, buy your ticket and travel either that day or any day in the future.
The Viazul ticketing service is quick and efficient so usually you can collect a ticket in minutes.
Departure times are clearly shown outside each booth.
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