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Posted on by • 0 Comments Amazing Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt – Uluwatu Expedition for Glory Global Solutions .

Glory Global Solutions is a corporation that provides a secure

efficient and instant financial transaction system.
Furthermore, they have come to Bali with 49 participant s from various countries for their incentive trips and joined offsite activities.
Meanwhile, has been trusted to take care of activities outside their meeting agenda .
For this reason, .

We have designed a unique team building activity using legendary Volkswagen vehicles

We have provided exciting and unique team building activities with the theme of Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt – Uluwatu Expedition.
This is a very unique and exciting experience.
They were very enthusiastic about this event and had many exciting experiences .
This is one of our customer experience s this year and you can also find our experience in handling other groups here.

Event date: 09 July 2019 Glory Global Solutions – Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt Agenda

Ice Breaking – Hotel Lobby.
We have provided safety information for the group from Glory Global Solutions at the hotel before the event starts.
Likewise, we provide a short ice-breaking game to add to their enthusiasm before leaving.
After that, .

We released the vehicles one by one from the parking area to the Water Blow Nusa Dua

Water Blow Nusa Dua Treasure Hunt Game

They immediately searched for treasures that we had put in hiding places in Water Blow

Besides that, they can also enjoy beautiful landscapes and breathtaking ocean views.
Meanwhile, they must complete some interesting games in this area before continuing their trip to Pandawa Beach.
Exploring Pandawa Beach .

The Glory Global Solution group explored Pandawa beach to find a meeting point

Here, they play a game that forces them to use the power of teamwork.
After that, .

We depart together to Coffee Plantation and Uluwatu

Coffee Testing Game – Watching Kecak Dance and Dinner

In their final mission, they visited the coffee plantation and learned about coffee and other herbal plants.
Besides that, they also got a challenge to guess coffee by tasting it.
Finally, .

We took them to visit Uluwatu Temple to watch the Kecak dance

Today’s agenda ends with dinner together at a restaurant on the beach with amazing views.
Student Trip and CSR program, instead of VW Safari.
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