If you arrive to St Petersburg by any cruise ship

Russian visas .
Russian visas .
There are  several ways to receive  Russian visas – it depends on how you get to St Petersburg.
If you arrive to St Petersburg by any cruise ship.

According to Russian legislation

you can stay in our city up to 72 hours without a visa in your passport – we  email you visa substitutes ( tour tickets = visa waivers) basing on your passport info  but you have to be accompanied by us everywhere.
We will meet you at the port, next to your cruise ship , and safely bring you back in the evening after the tour ;please keep in mind you have to spend a night on a board  of your ship.
Our  visa waiver covers  1-3 full  days in St Petersburg (including evening programs)  and will cost you nothing if you take our shore excursions .
If you come to our city by plane or train, .

You should have a Russian visa in your passport

You get it in your own country in the Russian Embassy/Consulate

One of the documents you need to get it is an invitation letter.
We can issue it for you for free, if you book any tour with us.
If you arrive by any kind of transport but train and your country is in the list here https://electronic-visa.kdmid.ru/spb_country_en.html, you can use the electronic visa applying for it online.
It takes 4 days to issue it, and it is free.
Keep in mind you have to fill it in very carefully .


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