MS Bella

MS Bella.
MS Bella  /.
MS Bella.
MS Bella.
MS Bella is one of the newest vessels to cruise the Croatian coastline having made her maiden voyage in the 2019 season.
Boasting contemporary and sleek features with a jacuzzi and a pool on the sundeck among many other modern highlights, .

You will most certainly be cruising in style aboard the MS Bella

Length: 47.9 m.
Width: 8.5 m.
Speed: 18.5 km/h.
Capacity: 41.
Sun deck with jacuzzi and pool.
Deck Cabin Bedding Size (sqm) Window To Open Sun Deck Standard Double 19.5 Window Yes Upper Deck Standard Double 25.5 Window Yes Main Deck Standard Twin/Double 14 Window Yes Lower Deck Standard Twin/Double 16 Porthole No .
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