The culture of Verona revolves around cafe life

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V erona is one of the hidden-gems of northern Italy: a romantic

attractive city.
​Romeo and Juliet’s city of Verona attracts a multi- international mix of travelers to it’s pretty piazzas, twisty-turn alleyways–some in most in search of the lovers’ balcony, others not.
But beyond the heart-shaped kitsch, love locks and Renaissance romance.

Verona is a bustling city with its heart dominated by a mammoth

remarkably well-preserved 1st-century amphitheater, Arena Opera House, the venue for the city’s annual summer opera festival.
Add to that countless churches.

A couple of architecturally fascinating bridges over the Adige River

and amazing regional wine and food from the Veneto hinterland.
Essence of Verona.
Experience Northern Italy ’s most popular Prosecco wine as well as the more meditative wines of Valpolicella and Amarone.
Guided tours of Verona, the romantic city of Romeo and Juliet–including Juliet’s house!.
The Arena Opera house .

Gallery of Modern Art Achille Forti

Lake Garda (1 hour away).
Top Verona Tours.

The Verona area boasts numerous buildings of artistic and historic value: castles

towers, hermitages, monasteries, sanctuaries, and old Romanesque parishes.
What we see in Verona today dates back thousands of years to when the city really began to develop under Roman rule and become urbanized due to its busy port.
The culture has for the most part been influenced by Roman rule although it was taken over for brief periods by France and Austria.
The culture of Verona revolves around cafe life.
Meeting in the cafes by morning, mid-day, and night is the way to meet up with friends, have some solo time, or lounge back for hours over great conversation .
Verona, like many Italian cities, is home to art-lovers.

There is a fantastic moderna art museum and many opera options in Verona

The local culture as well as travelers flock to see the incredible performance s in the equally incredible venues.
Cuisine is also very important to the culture however and expect to find some stores and boutiques closed during the lunch hour in respect of this.
By night, cafes continue to thrive as do bars and listening to live music is popular way to enjoy an evening.
In the Province’s heart is Valpolicella, land of history and flavors where, in addition to its numerous historic villas, the wine tradition is the distinguish ing factor.
This area produces exquisite, .

World-famous wines using special and unique Italian techniques

Further to the south.

The Basso Veronese (lower area) area is a world of its own

with its slow rhythms, silent places, and changing colors; it offers a distinct way of life that welcomes the visitor with open arms.
Particularly impressive and beautiful in Veneto is the rapidly changing and diverse landscape of the region.

It ranges from the Dolomites and the Venetian Alps

through an extensive hilly area, to the large and fertile Po Valley, which is crisscrossed by many rivers.

Near Verona May through late September


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